Vancouver area flipper looking for good RE agent

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Hi folks,

My partner and I have done a couple of flips and are looking to expand our operations. We're interested in doing more townhouses and condos (strictly because of affordability).  We've done most of the work ourselves to this point and have gained a good amount of knowledge as a result.

Obviously the market in the Vancouver area is white hot right now and competition is intense.  As a result, we're looking to expand the neighbourhoods in which we're searching and even the type of properties we'd consider. Heck, we've even discussed moving  east or going down south to try and get more deals and make use of the money we've earned.

I'm curious if there's anyone in this community that knows of a good agent in the Vancouver area or have an idea of an area to investigate? My main focus is to talk to more people in the community and attempt to grow my pipeline of deals as much as possible. I feel that the more good agents that I talk to, the more likely I am to have a steady stream of opportunities.

I'm aware it's a fairly broad question but I'm kind of throwing it out there as a way to foster discussion and perhaps meet some new people, partners, and projects



Hi Cameron

The T/H, Condo market in the Lower Mainland is insane right now. Nothing is going for even close to asking price. I would say the only way is to try and find them before they hit the MLS.

Check out Charlie Kiers - we've worked with him on 2 properties in the lower mainland and been absolutely satisfied with him as a partner through the whole process.

Cheers, Luke

Hey @Cameron Oades , a good realtor I know in Vancouver (with a bit more focus on the North SHore) is Cameron Walker. You can google him. I know he works with another pair of guys who flip as well

hi @Cameron Oades,

It seems like the markets have cooled considerably. Have you noticed this aswell in the apartment market? How have you been making out and did you find a good realtor in the end?

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