Looking for lawer and accountant - That have worked with Canadian

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Hello everyone.

I'm looking for a good lawyer and a good accountant that understand and currently take care of Canadian's who are investing in the USA.

I am currently working with two others that very much so understand Canadian and US a taxes and ensure that I do not get double taxed etc.

I found them through another connection but I find they respond very slowly. I'm looking for a true professional that I can rely on that is not trying to take advantage and would like to build a relationship.

I also have used my current lawyer to set up my corporations and LLCs as needed.

Right now I would like to change my corporation's address from my Canadian address to a USA address so that I can build USA credit with no attachment to Canada at all.

Bigger pockets has been very helpful for me in the past and I thought I would reach out here as I know many skilled individuals hang out here.



George Dube and Peter Cuttini both CPA that work together across both borders.

Hi thomas where are they located thx Tom

Sure but BP doesn’t allow us to post phone numbers....a quick google search of their names you can find their website, they merged with the BDO.  

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