Yearly Cost of Well Water & Septic System

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Hi everyone,

I am looking at a property that has well and septic system. There are no major work currently, but what are the regular maintenance and cost of the well/septic, such as inspection, cleaning, testing, etc? What the cost would be if the old one breaks and a new system is needed?  

It's good there's no water and sewer bills every month but I'd like to know what the expense could be for a well/septic. 

Any suggestions would be helpful!

Thanks and Happy investing.

Replace well pump around $1500 .00. Pump septic tank around $350.00 .

I have 7 units with well and septic . Minimal issues over 25 years 

just pump septic tank every 2 or 3 years . No grease down the drain , liquid laundry detergent is best to use .

Originally posted by @Jessica Wu :
@Matthew Paul Great. Thanks for the information. How long dose a well pump last?

Depends on the water , if its acidic , 10 to 12 years , if its not maybe 15 to 20 . Depends on the quality of the pump .  I have replaced 4 in my time , takes me about 2 hours and $500 in materials .