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Canadian REI Resources List 

So BP is amazing but I noticed that all data resources listed are tailored to the US. I wanted to start a thread with a compilation of the best resources for data / analysis / research in Canada for real estate investing. I'm starting with what I've found so far but I know this probably is missing many good resources. Let's pool together and make a master list of resources for REI data in Canada. Share the love and I'll update the list.

Property Search:

Rent Info:

Lending/Mortgage Rates:

Stats / Data:

Deal Analysis:

This list is nowhere near exhaustive. Let's at least double it. Please leave your suggestions below! :)

Updated almost 3 years ago - GTA House Search

Originally posted by @Christopher Harrilal :


I've used for GTA search, asking/sold, prop tax, condo fees and rent prices.  

 Awesome, thanks, Christopher! Unfortunately, the BP site won't let me update the original list after 15 minutes, only add revisions. Perhaps I'll post a link to a Google Spreadsheet with a full list.

We worked with Rentometer early on and found their data for Canada, particularly the Maritimes, was terrible.   Now they spam us on a regular basis trying to sell the same service, but the data at which we are able to look, is no more accurate.

In the U.S.A. markets were we dabble, I find them to be a useful service.

I created a google sheets list so I can keep updating it. If a mod comes across this post. Feel free to delete this thread. I am creating a new one to list the google sheets document.

Hi, I like the Property Evaluator App for a quick check, can change variables nicely for Canadian markets. As well, beware the inflated “average rent” stats in Padmapper because they include AirBnB listings...still good to use once u filter those out. 

Carolyn Q: Talk to Park Insurance in Burnaby, BC to see what they can do for you. They help real estate investors all across Canada.

Everyone: There is a free real estate investor public forum on myREINspace. I recommend becoming a member of REIN. This is a Canadian real estate investing network with training and workshops. I am a member only and gain nothing if anyone joins.