Tenant Screening Query

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I did a test run with smartrent.co on myself.  It $20+ and the report I got on myself was pretty thorough. You can pay the fee or have your tenant do so when applying.  I emailed the contact email address to ask questions and they were very quick to reply. 

I've been using tenantverification.ca for the past couple of years. It provides a credit number and a rating but not a lot of detail.

I do like the idea of having tenants fill in their own information and pay the fee themselves. Both of these would be a big improvement over what I currently have with TVS.

I am curious what the consensus of this thread will be. 

Cozy and Unitdash are good solutions for tenant screening. I believe Cozy has $25 and $40 options. Unitdash gives a full credit report, criminal history and eviction history for $30.

There is also naborly.com in Canada which offers a free screening and credit check with an optional ($25) criminal records check. Apparently they make their income by offering to sell the tenants insurance and of course those who pay the $25 fee.

I just received my first tenant submission from SmartRent.co and overall I'm impressed. The tenant submitted all of the information and paid the $25 CAD fee. The report I received included all of the information that I'd previously received from tenantverification.ca plus a bunch of additional data. Unfortunately much of the added fields were blank in this case. But the upside of having the tenant pay for their own report and enter all of their own information to provide an equivalent or better report than TVS is definitely worth it. I will plan to use this more in the coming months and see how it holds up.