Lawyer and Accountant Recommendation in Toronto/GTA

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Hi BP, 

Are there lawyers and accountants that you've worked with who understand and specializes in services for RE investors? 
Please share your lawyers and accountants that you work with. 


George Dube and Peter Cuttini of BDO, they're based in Waterloo but work with a lot of real estate investors throughout Ontario.

I regularly work with a couple real estate lawyers in Toronto, but I wouldn't say the specialize in investors. 

I use Philip Milman of Milman & Company - they work with a number of investors I know in Toronto, and were referred to me by an investor.

George and Peter at BDO are renowned, but their fees are quite high (I recall my consult was $500+) and I am simply not at that level of sophistication to justify the fees. Call me old-school, but I also like meeting my accountant face to face :)

For lawyers, I use a firm that does mobile signing via iPad which is quite neat as they can come in the evenings to your home or office which saves a ton of time. PM me if you would like details as I'm not sure what we're allowed to post publicly.

I re-read the thread and looks like it’s OK to mention names, and posting for efficiency (and will be deleted I guess if not ok):

Shelley Himes is the Senior Law Clerk who will direct you to a lawyer on their roster, it’s been Monica for the last couple of transactions