Buying in Windsor 2019-2020

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I am a brand new investor looking to buy in Windsor ont. I have been going through listings but properties appear to be overpriced for the rent they are receiving. Market seems extremely hot and I am very discouraged because it’s near impossible to find a fair/ good deal. I have been trying to implement the 1% rule but it’s nearly impossible. would love to hear from someone who recently bought a rental about strategies they implemented to  stay ahead of the game. Thanks.

@Alex Stravski . The Best way that I have found in a hot market where the numbers don't work is to buy something that you can create more value out of.  That means a Fix and Flip or a Bungalow that you could put a legal 2nd suite into so that you can get double the rent to make the numbers work.  I hope that helps.

Hi Alex, I tend to agree with Windsor at the moment that it's now overpriced.  A couple years ago I bought a couple properties there and the numbers made more sense.  There are still some decent deals, but no great ones anymore.

Depends on your goals and strategies as an investor, but I would be perfectly fine buying a turn-key multi family property cash flowing between $500-$1000 a month, paying off the mortgage, increasing in value, all while receiving positive tax benefits whether or not it met the 1% rule.

I personally believe that rules of thumb are great, but they can limit our ability to see great opportunities that are often right in front of our eyes. 

There are many great opportunities in Windsor but the 1% rule is, in general, a thing of the past. 

@Alex Stravski I strongly disagree.  I see cash-flowing multi families all the time in Windsor even after factoring in vacancy, repairs, maintenance, and all other expenses.

@Mayu Thava multi-family 1% rule days have passed (for the most part),but there are high percentage cash-on-cash returns (7-10%) all the time.  It's only a matter of time before this "low-hanging fruit" disappears.

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@Scott Innocente hi Scott I see that you are a realtor in Windsor. Are there any listings that you can recommend?

Depends on your price range and your personal goals.  Would need to know more before making recommendations.