creative uses for farmland/forest?

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Hello, there is a decently large plot of land (180 acres) about 5 minutes from the town where i work (Sherbrooke, population 150k), that i heard "through a friend" is for sale by the owner. the land has ~60 acres of cleared land and 120 acres of forest. it will probably sell for around 700,000. 

does anyone know of some creative ways to make money off farm land or forest? there is also a house and a couple other buildings that can be rented, but i'm mainly trying to think of ways to use the large acreage to my advantage. 

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@Russell Butler the current / future zoning will have a big influence.  Possibilities are endless.... housing, a farm, sell the timber, trailer park, subdivide and re-sell, explore/mine resources,  hold and sell later... 

thanks. yes, its currently zoned as 'green' which i believe is agricultural use (i'll obviously need to do a lot more research)...might change in the future due to its proximity to the city center.


Lumber is selling at higher prices. Depending on the age of the trees, you might be able to sell the wood. Maple syrup? Off grid housing? Sub divide the land? Golf course? is the owner willing to do VTB?

if you find out the current use, you can pick it up right away with same or similar use. for example grain fields can be rented to local grain farmers. cleared forest can be replanted with Christmas trees, popular landscaping trees and plants, any realistic business it is zoned for. if there is a home on the property it can be rented. if you want to live there you can still rent out the fields at a local per acre rate to local farmers, or start any type of agricultural business, or home based business and hobby farm.