cross-border tax structure - CAN-USA

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Hello folks, I am new to BP, and I am looking for some references to find the right advice on "cross-border efficiency tax structure". I read a lot, and it seems like it is not something simple. Any reference in attorney/CPA person to give any advice will help me in this part of my journey. 

I will be happy also to listen to the experience of people already doing this, maybe some pitfalls or watch-out.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Omar, it is indeed very complicated and it took me a long time to figure it out. I spoke with many CPA until I understood enough to be able to challenge them and ask good questions. Then the right path for my needs was clear and I was able to set the proper entities. It is indeed important to set it right for tax, estate and liability. For a relatively reasonable cost can answer all your questions and give you a clear path. Also and some other in Montreal I could provide if those are not sufficient.