Looking for a financial planner in BC

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I’m currently looking for a financial planner!

There seems to be lots available in BC but wondering if someone here could recommend one who could be helpful specifically for real estate investing and setting up a holdings company.

Thanks in advanced!

-Also will be searching for a performance coach down the road, happy to field ideas or guidance on where to start there.

@Darcy Currie Most financial planners I've interacted (except my personal CFP) are not keen on real estate investing or on clients withdrawing $ to buy real estate. You'd need a solicitor to help you set up the holdco and a CPA who employs creative thinking in tax planning for REI.

@Darcy Currie , I'd second @Julie Toh 's comments... most financial planners get paid on commission by selling products (mutual funds, insurance) to people that don't want the 'hassle' of learning what to do with their money. If you are keen on REI, you'll want to interview accountants and ask them about their experience in this area. A CPA that invests in REI is what you are looking for.

If you want to learn the basics so that you can carry on an intelligent conversation with them, I recommend this book:  https://www.amazon.ca/Accounti...

Hey Darcy, 

We aren’t too far apart, greeting from the Cariboo. We registered our own HoldCo, not super tough to do online. But you should talk with a lawyer about it depending on your family situation.

I would also agree that an accountant will be better able to help you navigate the benefits of a HoldCo financially. 

Are you currently in Merritt?