Lead generation strategies

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Hello BP community,

Ontario had never stopped appreciating and we are now sitting at prices that nearly guarantee zero cashflow, if not go into the negative territory. Yet I know that folks do find deals: Northern ON seems to cashflow a bit, duplex conversions in towns around GTA are still somewhat positive, etc. Nevertheless, finding a "deal" using traditional methods such as networking with local realtors and lenders has gotten much harder. 

Do you have a reliable lead generation engine akin to those described by BP podcast guests who are always from the US: driving for dollars, DM campaigns, cold calling via virtual assistants, evergreen website with traffic directed from SEO paid word searches, etc? Setting up one of these takes months of dedicated efforts, I would appreciate some feedback from experienced investors before jumping into either of BP ideas. Perhaps you do something entirely unique that you can share?

As a side note, it always makes me smile when a BP guest says "I sent 1000 yellow letters and got this 14-plex for $150,000 that cashflows $1,000 per month". In Toronto $150k may buy a shelf in a shed that stands in the corner of my backyard, right above the lawnmower :)

Thank you in advance!

@Paul Sverdlin Flip your question around for a brainstorming exercise.... what type of seller would sell me their property at below market value (or at market value without a bidding war)? What can you do to connect with these sellers?