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Good weekend everyone!

Im just about to close on my second property by months end, and with my first property we rent to colleagues and friends. We try to be the best landlords as possible and work as professional as the job entails. The problem is that with people we know, we are able to do the job without always following the strict guidelines that a normal landlord would have to follow.

My question is, now that I'm getting a second property, renting to people I don't know, I want to go back to being as professional as possible, following the right routes, and doing the right things.

Are there any forum posts that you guys suggest, in relation to my duties, responsibilities of a landlord, or just tips and things you do to come across as the best possible.

Some examples may be;

  • -Do I have to provide snow clearing and salt during the winter months?
  • -Is it my or the tenants responsibility to cut the grass in the summer?
  • -etc.

I would love to hear back as to things you guys do, or stipulate in the leases, that help you out. I am a rookie still even though I've been at this a few years but always love learning more. Im located in Ottawa Valley area in Ontario if that helps any.

Ryan Martin

I'm not an expert yet, but my understanding is that you can either shovel the driveway/cut grass yourself, hire someone to do it, or have the tenants do it themselves (perhaps give them a slight discount on rent if they choose that option). Since you're in the BP community, I'd recommend checking out Brandon Turner's book "The Book on Managing Rental Properties.". 

I would be interested to hear what the more experienced people here have to say though. Following!

@Ryan Martin

I have the tenants sign that they will be responsible for grass cutting and snow removal in my single family units.  In my multi family units I pay to have a service do that work. 

Key is to screen the tenants and make sure you get hood tenants without past issues. 

Good luck

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@Ryan Martin

I think Roy explained it best.

Even better if one of the residents of a MF will do the work for a discount and takes pride in it.

If you honestly plan....or end up doing these tasks, how will you ever scale?

Put it in the lease.  If you have a single family house, the tenants are responsible for cutting the grass, shoveling the sidewalks, etc.  You don't have to give them a discount, you can charge more if they want it included in the rent and then you pay someone else to do it.

Hi Ryan, 
I am investor myself and also from Ottawa, Ontario. I am not sure where are you purchasing your rental properties. 
I have seen all the rentals in West of Ottawa valley region, Tenants are responsible for grass cutting and snow removals. 
I would suggest to go visit Landlord tenant board site ( and also there is a group on Facebook called "Ottawa Small Landlord Association" where you can get recent or upcoming updates.