RED X, LandVoice, Vulcan reviews

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I've been using REDx for non-owner occupied and pre-foreclosure leads. I would say that only 40% of the numbers work.

Does anyone else here use RedX, Landvoice, and Vulcan. What has been your experience?

I have and still am using RedX for pre-foreclosures and FSBOs and the main thing that I've noticed is that you have to stay consistent. Make sure you do not wear yourself out calling people. Call 1 hour, maybe 2 hours a day. Set one appt a day...or try to talk to as many people on there as possible within your calling time frame.

What I do to get a hold of people is call them, voicemail, and then even a text. You aren't going to win them all with accurate phone numbers, but the ones that you do may be solid opportunities.

I found redx expiresds to be about 30-35% accurate. Landvoice was a bit better, probably 50%. Landvoice actually offers a premium product with more guaranteed numbers, but I never subscribed to that one.