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I googled it and see a large number of bad reviews, including the words "fraudulent" "ripoff" "difficult to use." I have no experience with it, just looking for something similar.

We have the prop stream and it isnt that helpful and not all properties are updated correctly. I checked a property that was a family members and it was sold over a year ago and it was still under their names like it was current. 

I've been a lurker on here for awhile and decided to create an account to respond to the OP. I'm not really sure why people are hating on the software, but saying "its pretty much useless" with no further comments or why it's useless seems a bit odd. I have been using Propstream for a little over a year and a half and feel it has helped me overall in finding foreclosures. The tool I use the most in the software is the analysis wizard. If you're looking for flips or rental properties, I feel this helps with figuring out rehab costs, rental income, etc. 

I am investing in California, so I can only really speak for that area, but I have referred a friend who invests in Nevada and he seems to like the software as well. 

I came across this post while researching propstream, it seems they have gone through some updates recently. Is anyone using this software that can post there experience with it thanks.  

I'm also looking for similar software.

The people who provide PropStream also seem to be hosting the install file for the current version of a program sold thru the Yancey ("Flipping Vegas") organization called Property Pro. I've not seen PropStream yet. So, not sure how they compare.

Does anyone have experience with both PropStream and Property Pro who would be willing to share their experiences?

Thanx much in advance!

Yes, I can say that Property Pro pretty much is amateur and incomplete. I am a real estate agent with access to multiple MLS systems. I look to the other system to find an easy way to gather foreclosure info. This system is not easily searchable. It limits your searches to 25 properties at a time. You can not cut and paste anything so you have to write everything down.

If you save a property, it is cumbersome to get back to the place where you were.  The analysis feature is not worth anything unless you know the property condition.

As far as I can tell, Prop Stream and Property Pro are either clones or closely related.  When closing Property Pro, a message comes from Prop Stream.  That's a clue. 

If you're tyring  to make a list with these, don't waste your money.   

If you bought this at a  'make a million with real estate' seminar,  I'd bet the information is a amateur as the program. 

@Deb Veille ,

I was able to use, look under the sold properties tab and find the same comp.'s my agent brought over yesterday. It even listed local sales which had closed that day (Jun 7th).

For what it may be worth ...

David J Dachtera

I have recently switched from using Propstream for over a year now to using Propertyradar. It's a huge difference in the amount and details of the information you have access to. Propertyradar has three different packages to choose from and is a bit more expensive then Propstream, however, the resources it provides are better.

Are a few extra dollars a month worth the potential it can generate?

Sergio Montoya

We have had good luck with Propstream and bought several properties through marketing to the lists we get off of there. My wife is also a real estate agent and the MLS has some great resources too, but I like Propstream for creating excel spreadsheet property lists in our mail merge. The biggest criticism I have is that the address information is not always pulled from the county records. When I create an excel spreadsheet, the mailing address will sometimes need to be updated manually from the county website, so that is time consuming and we have had a V.A. do that for us some of the time to make our lives easier. The other problem is that the information is only as accurate as the county websites it pulls data from, not the Propstream software. Some counties really stink as far as updating the information way too slowly. It took us some time to learn the software and use with other tools, but it has made me money.

Originally posted by @Deb Veille :

If you bought this at a  'make a million with real estate' seminar,  I'd bet the information is a amateur as the program. 

lol I'm sitting in a local "coach" seminar right now, and PropStream is part of the pitch for their $12k, $22k, and $32k packages.

Originally posted by @Robert Lorenz :
Originally posted by @Deb Veille:

If you bought this at a  'make a million with real estate' seminar,  I'd bet the information is a amateur as the program. 

lol I'm sitting in a local "coach" seminar right now, and PropStream is part of the pitch for their $12k, $22k, and $32k packages.

 I was sitting two rows behind @Robert Lorenz I just got off the phone with their rep, I was researching the software. The customer service rep said they do not actually sell the software directly to users. It is sold through contracts to most likely students of RE teacher/ mentor programs. It does not seem like a replacement to access to the MLS. The rep said they pull their info from the county assessor's office so the real bonus would be access to the Cash sales that are not available on the MLS.

@Garrick Oconnell ,

I think you mean it pulls info from the county recorder's office. The assessor does the tax calculations.

...but, yes - even if it's not officially recorded anywhere that a sale went through with no financing contingency, any deed conveyed without a matching mortgage or deed of trust is quite possibly a "cash" sale (that is, the party(-ies) (if any) providing funding did not record a lien against the property subsequent or pertinent to that conveyance).

You'll find that through documents recorded with the county.

I also use PropertyRadar and I like the web  interface. The only draw back is they only have the info for western states - CA, NV, AZ, WA and OR. So, you are out of luck if you try to find the property info for other states. They update the info frequently.

Also, as you might already know, the BIG different in the software is ... how frequent they update their database info for the properties included sale pending, FC status, NOD, etc. I heard that they have someone goes to the county recording record and get the info either daily or weekly manually. Not sure that still the case now-a-day

Well, that's the way I did if I want to find more info on the local properties by drive down to the county recording office and login to their computer and do research.


Thanks @Bac Nguyen . Yes we update daily, and not just with new notices (which take a few days to get from the county), but also with the status of each notice based on what happened at the trustee sale that day (same day).

@Sean OToole , I can't wait till you reach the East Coast, specifically North Carolina. :) Your site looks amazing and I was so excited to find it...till I realized it is all West Coast. 

Does anyone know of a site similar to Property Radar or Property Farm (too expensive) that is currently in NC? Just until I can sign up with Property Radar! ;) I'd love something that updates with Court/County records.