Banks are lending again. But who else is?

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It has been talked about here before. The general consensus was it was not worth it. You can do a search and I am sure you will find earlier threads.

You mentioned hard money in your post. I would never pay to get a list of hard money lenders, they are easy to find. I have a list of them on my own site and there is a list here on BP.

Hard money lenders are professional lenders and charge high rates. Easy to find

Private money is friends family and associates that loan becuase they know or trust you. Harder to find.

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@David Sugg

What are you trying to finance? I.e. product type, project type, price point etc etc. Are you able to obtain bank financing or are you looking for an alternative? I'm going to assume you are looking for hard money because you reference "Private Money Gold Mine" in your post. Like @Ned Carey mentioned I would never pay for a list of hard money lenders. If you are in need of a hard money lender and can't get the funds from the private side I would stick to a local HML. Someone that you can build a relationship with and will work with you (as much as any HML's do).

Private Money gold mine is not worth it. You can subscribe and search Scotsman guide. There is a section for hard money lenders. I myself am a hard money lender, if you need a list of some people that may lend to your area let me know [email protected]