Seeking feedback for Pleasant Renovation and Remodeling/ Bob Gonzalez in San Antonio, TX

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Good morning BP! I'm looking for feedback and preferably contacts who have dealt with Bob Gonzalez of Pleasant Renovation and Remodeling, a construction contractor in San Antonio, Texas. My colleague and I are, to put it very mildly, having significant issues where he, his work, and his business practices are concerned, and were wondering if anyone else in the BP community has ever worked with him. If so, please feel free to contact me publicly or via PM or email, and I'll get right back with you. Thanks all, and good luck with your investing!

@Chad Clanton he advertises in the Alamo reia newsletters, so you might reach out to them to see if they have any experience with him. Alamo REIA Newsletter

@Ross K. , thank you for your response. If you happen to know folks in the Alamo REIA, could you please give them a heads up on this and/or ask them to contact me? He is currently "disappeared" with about $75-100K worth of unfinished work for myself and about six other investors that I know of; I'm not going to go into details here and now, but please put out a solid "Caveat Emptor" to anyone you happen to know who may be doing rehabs in the San Antonio market. Thanks Ross, and happy investing!

In a nutshell and not putting too fine a point on it owing to legal considerations, stay away from this contractor. He passes himself off as a licensed general contractor, offers fantastic prices, and is generally a very likable, smooth talker. I've been trying to get him to finish a 6-8 week project for 8 months (I know, but long story short, many excellent lessons learned on this first time rehab...i've got sooo many great clauses to put in my contract now!), and he has essentially lied to me at every turn; of course, he covered much of it up so well that I knew no different until the last month or so. In any event, he has now "disappeared" with about $75-100K in unfinished work from myself and about five other investors who I know. A number of things point to him still being active in San Antonio, though, so I don't exactly buy the "disappeared" part.

The purpose of this post is to give an FYI to investors in the San Antonio area. Mr. Gonzalez is a member of the Alamo REIA in San Antonio and advertises his company in the newsletter. If anyone reading this knows him or of him, please contact me; if not, please be aware of the risks and find a reputable contractor. Good luck and good investing!

Contact attorney general's office or local da

@Rodney Getsy , many of those wheels are already turning, I just don't want anyone else to inadvertently end up in a similar situation. Thankfully this one is still recoverable for me even having to shell out for another contractor, but it's still frustrating. That said, I am a believer that you learn the most when things DON't go right, so I still consider this a win given all the copious lessons learned. I'll be putting those in a blog post before too long in hopes that some others can learn from them.

@Chad Clanton Similar thing happened to me in 2005. And thanks for sharing the info.

Chad, please check your email shortly.

I have worked with Bob unfortunately. He took 12 months to finish a 3 month rehab. He took advantage of a loosely managed system, forged signatures, and falsified paperwork.
He was providing services for me for about a year to make up for some of the late fees. And then he suddenly disappeared after April 17th.

Hi Doug, thanks for your feedback; Bob disappeared on about 6 different rehabbers at the same time right around then, with over $100K in paid for, incomplete work. For a couple of weeks prior to that, we each kept having "break-ins" wherein we'd lose appliances, HVAC equipment, higher dollar items like that, then they'd show up at one of the other rehabber's projects as the "new (appliance, HVAC component, etc)". This round-robin loss/acquisition cycle went on for a couple of weeks, and then he disappeared shortly after it all fell apart on him i.e. we all pretty much found out about each other and what was going on with our respective projects and confronted him about it. Boom, next morning, gone. Good times; for anyone who is thinking about rehabbing out of their area but is nervous about things like this, please refer to my blog post on where and how we went wrong with our project, and how we intend to mitigate our risks going forward:

Now for a Whole Bunch of Lessons from Our First Rehab Experience...

Good evening BP, I just wanted to put it out there that I've now heard that Mr. Gonzalez DBA Pleasant Renovation is now operating in AUSTIN (sorry for the bold caps, just wanted to point it out). Please inform your fellow investors.

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