PropTrend Software

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Hello Christine,

I know what the price is around $2000 and its widely advertise by Scott Yancey and the company Yancey event. I am a little skeptical, but if there are users which actually using it, will be interesting to hear. 



Thanks Kyle. I did purchase but thinking now I wish I hadn't mostly because of the cost - can't say for sure yet. Wish I would have found this site sooner. It looks to offer some great resources and info. I see that there were some prior discussions about the software. Since I just got it, I am not sure how helpful it will be - we'll see.

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Will do. Just finished some of the tutorial videos. It does seem to have a lot of good features. My initial thoughts were that one can find some of the info for free although more time consuming. However, after looking further, it has potential to be a time saver and ability to locate/save/analyze properties, buyers, contacts and contracts in 1 place. I will need to play with it a bit to get used to it. Also, since I am new, I have nothing else to compare it to.