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Does anyone have positive experience with any of the property management companies in Minneapolis, MN?

I've been looking at several so far, but most of them have very negative reviews on one site or another, and the ones that have positive reviews its so hard to know whether to trust them....

I've gotten burned by bad management before, so I'm really concerned now.

I'm currently looking at:



Real Property Management (RPM)

REI Property Management

Urban Enterprises

Trikin Properties

Thanks for any advice / experience,



I use Greenwell Property Management. They are a small outfit based in Andover. I don't know if they work in the cities of Minneapolis and St Paul, but they do work in the surrounding suburbs. I've been with them close to a year and have been very happy. They found a great tenant, which is (more than) half the battle. Since then, I just wait for the funds to be transferred to my account each month.

I looked at a few of the ones on your list (33rd, RPM & REI), but decided not to go with them for one reason or another. I don't recall why, but probably cost.
Hope that helps!


Disclosure: The company did a kitchen rehab for me and actually held my RE license for a year or so a few years ago.


Try I've used them on a kitchen rehab and for some buying/selling. I don't have first hand experience with their property management group per se, but I know the founder Sam and she is of the utmost integrity. You can tell her you found them through me.

Good luck,


Disclosure: Property Management Company


I am part of VSM Real Estate and Property Management. Please feel free to check out our reviews and see what you think. I would love to show you what we can do for you.

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Thanks Ken!

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