Clever investor mastermind

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Have any of you heard of Cody Sperber and the clever investor mastermind group? I was offered a free seat for a weekend seminar. Should I attend if it's free? They've said that it's not a pitch seminar.

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I attended one of this MANY webinars this past week, and it seemed pretty typical to me.  He offered a few good bits of advice, followed by a 30 minute sales pitch to buy his stuff.  The Q&A at the end was all pre-recorded, so he definitely wasn't going to answer your Questions.  They play the webinar 3 times a day, every day, it seems.
Didn't seem too trustworthy to me.
Anyone tried his system and seen good results?

I am currently in the Clever Investor mentoring program. I feel like it helped me accelerate my learning process. There is a lot of curriculum, videos, and forms that you gain access to. You also have a mentor that is usually located near your market, that you talk to for one hour twice per week. So far my experience has been positive. It's a solid system that helps you get all of your marketing in place.  I don't think I could have gained as much knowledge or access to as many tools in such a short amount of time without the system. That said, I also wouldn't be where I am without Bigger Pockets and all of it's generous participants.