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We (biz partner and I) posted a few times about raising capital and doing a ppm. We were contacted directly by someone who saw the post and claims they're able to assist in raising capital for our business so we can expand and buy more. I'm not sure if they've helped anyone, or if anyone else on BP has been contacted by them, but the website isn't a great advert for the guys. So, if anyone has had a successful experience with them, I'd love to know about it.

Thanks in advance

Don't know the company, but that is THE WORST website I've seen in a while.  Hard to take a "business" seriously when they have a site that a 12-year old could do better (in 30 minutes!).

I agree with Dev. Their website could use some help. I've never heard of them, but most companies that raise capital understand that a well designed website is very important to the image of the company.

yep… it was my knee jerk reaction as well but I thought I'd ask around anyway. He has a linkedin account I found with some real estate related businesses on there but I haven't seen a solid reference yet.

If you're going to raise money you need a securities attorney to help.  Getting "help" from a website company is really dangerous.  If you don't do things properly when you raise money they can THROW YOU IN JAIL.  This isn't a do-it-yourself project.  Please don't go out and try to piece together documents yourself.  You can't do this yourself and be able to sleep at night.  If you can sleep at night after using garbage like this you're too naive to know the risks.  RUN the other direction and into the office of your nearest and best securities attorney.  

@Bryan Hancock  knows the right ways to raise funds and stays compliant in his activities due to licensing. The only one you should ever pay to help raise money is the attorney you have vetted to offer a PPM!

Wow! ....This is an "EYE OPENER" Thank You Randal for bring this question here to our forum at BP! 

So I would like to add that I have spoken with M TRUST CO and I've received what looks like an invoice for consulting services that recommends I form the entity/corp in the state of Delaware. 

Although it appears that other's have been successfully raising private capital using M TRUST, I'm still not finished doing my due diligence and my partner still has a few questions...

I'll let Y'all know how it turns out.

Best Wishes To All


Hi, its been sometime but any follow ups on using

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