Is there a 'one-stop' source for Criminal, Credit and Eviction screening?

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Is there a 'one-stop' source that provides Criminal, Credit (report & score) and Eviction screening that's less than $40 and allows applicant to pay? I looked at BP's recommended mysmartmove, screeningworks, & Either the company doesn't provide all three or they charge > $40. Mysmartmove doesn't have Eviction Report. Screeningworks provides Credit Evaluation in place of Credit report & score). requires landlord to pay. (not a huge deal, but considering others allow applicant to pay online I'd like to be as streamlined as possible)

I've searched and searched the forums and perhaps I missed it or just haven't come across the answer yet, as there are 1000's of posts regarding screening... I'll keep looking in the meantime.

Thanks in advance.


Western Reporting ~ $38/per

Background Investigations (BII) ~ $30/per

Please note, you will need to pass an onsite audit prior to enrolling in their services. 

Good luck!

Take a look at and see if it fills the gap for you.  You can see how I am utilizing it on my website under the Properties section if you would like.  Have a great day!!

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At one point I was using and they have all of what you are looking for for under $40.

Which services dont require on-site inspection? does what you are looking for. Their comprehensive package is $39.95, includes credit/background/eviction report, and the application pays the fee. 

I think this pricing is a bit high, and wouldn't allow the landlord to charge anything extra to cover their costs. 

I use Buildium for my online application and fee collection, so I usually just end up using their integrated screening with I hate the process of having the application have to go create an account to start the screening, and it doesn't even include eviction report. But it's only $11.99 for Buildium customers, so you can't beat that pricing. I know Buildium is working to implement a new screening service that is integrated with their platform and will not require the applicants to complete any additional steps for screening. doesn't require on-site inspection.  I've been happy with their service. I paid $35 for their full screening.  They assign a risk score and what percentage of landlords in your area would accept or reject the applicant.  I dont know if their algorithm is accurate or not, but works regardless for me.   They even produce a welcome letter or denial letter with all the legal crap written in if you deny an applicant.  

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I recommend  *Full discloseure* I am an affiliate, but without even giving you my affiliate link, I think they are the best.  I use them personally on all of my rentals and love them.  That is why I am an affiliate- I believe in them!

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