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can private money goldmine be trusted? does anybody know about this website?

I have been real estate investing for several years now and I will say that you can learn everything you need to know here on .   There are many seasoned investors that will tell you that there are plenty of programs out there and there are many mentors out there.   Before doing that why not spend several days on this site.   Its excellent for new and seasoned real estate investors.  

There have been prior threads here on BP about Private money Goldmine. You may want to do a search. The consensus sees to be that it is not worth it. 

Keep in mind most private lenders are just that - private. They loan to you because they know and trust you. Just because a company found a private lender in the public records doesn't mean they are likely to lend to you.

So has anyone actually HAD experience with  Good or bad?

Private Money Goldmine, c/o MyHouseDeals, 1302 Waugh Drive #762, Houston, TX 77019-3908

I did a GOOGLE search...but just got irrelevant Ads

I've noticed numerous posters on BP but I can't seem to find anyone who can verify what is claimed is actually true....or UNtrue. There's no shortage of posters who advise this or that and advice is appreciated, don't get me wrong, but I'm searching for anyone who actually tried them...AND paid their fee.

Of course THE BP forum would attract a RE lender scammers like the Boy Scouts attracts pedophiles - AND I'm NOT saying this supposed collection of lenders is anything less than what they claim to be until proven unworthy - BUT when an outfit charges a fee with no way to telephone a human flags go up. list a number of contacts in the zip code selected and 'Iron Clad GUARANTEE' if a patron does not get funded- they refund the $97 fee.

I actually read the TERMS & CONDITIONS on websites insted of just checking the box. Here's an example of one when you 'apply on line' without the ability to pick up the phone and call somebody (the old fashion way):

"Neither we nor any third parties provide any warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy, timeliness, performance, completeness or suitability of the information and materials found or offered on this website for any particular purpose."

Not a warm and fuzzy feeling.

I'm not interested in swamp land in least not today.


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