: Any Experiance?

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Looking for those that looked into or have used I have an SDIRA with IRA Services but have not had luck finding out info on this site. Their calls seam to be answered by a service and there is supposedly only one person there who can answer questions. That one person has been difficult to track down and I would rather hear from actual users if there are any. Thanks.

experience*. I love this site :)

This appears to be marketing for private equity more than anything else. It feels like a B2B marketing website to me, attempting to attract crowdfunding portals.

Either way Paul, you should be able to go straight to any crowdfunding website that allows private investors and utilize your IRA for those types of investments. The portals themselves are all acting as middlemen. Your actual contractual agreements all take place directly with the entity you're investing in. If you find a company you'd like to invest in, attempt to contact them.

Thanks for the info, @Loren Whitney 

The problem I run into personally is that I am not classified as an 'accredited investor'.  Therefore, its been difficult for me to find a CF portal that I can work with.

You raise a good point. It will always boil down to the entities option to take on new non-accredited investors. The portals will usually screen people because a majority do required accrediated investors. You're not the first to encounter this issue. I hope that laws change in the future to make it easier for investors.

Hi everyone,  

I can confirm that portals do in fact have the ability to work with anyone's existing SDIRA. We've done this for several investors already. 

And to the topic of unaccredited vs. accredited, unfortunately those working within the federal regulations are accepting only accredited investors, whereas those who are going intrastate are able to take retail investors from within the state that their projects are located. There are limitations all the way around, and that's why we, as an industry, are lobbying and pushing for Title IV to come through.

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