Microbilt Skiptracing Resource

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Has anyone ever used Microbilt as a skiptracing resource?  What are your thoughts on Microbilt?  Is there another skiptrace resource anyone could recommend?

Microbilt is one of my data providers, and I am quite familiar with the products they offer so maybe I can help.  A considerable part of my business is skiptracing (locating people) and I take pride in my results, so I have a few basic reports I begin with and then get to work locating the subject needing served.  Here is the pro's and con's of using Microbilt. 


Microbilt is good for running SSN's to obtain a subject's name, and also to reverse a name and address to obtain the SSN, however the address info returned is mediocre.

Credit Reports

Microbilt is a good source for pulling credit reports. Under FCRA you do have permissible purpose to pull a CR to skip "locate' debtors
They offer the big 3, (though I recommend Experian) as well as a few proprietary credit based reports geared to skiptracing such as "Bank & Debtor Locator" "Trace Detail Report' and "Phone/Address Search" I suggest sticking with the traditional credit reports and not using these just mentioned as the information is more than likely not going to lead you to the debtor.  


Microbilt offers a "PRBC" report which is a proprietary report and an excellent tool (perhaps their best one) This report is a combination of subject's personal identifiers, address, driver's license #, phone numbers, property owned, FICO score and detailed banking information.  The "hit' ratio is about 60% in my experience, however I have found this report often provides more current/useable information than anything else they offer.  

A very helpful tool as well when trying to locate banking relationships in cases of recovering judgments.  

Microbilt does require a 1 yr commitment and has a $99 minimum monthly requirement, so depending on your usage this should be taken into consideration.  

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