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Would anybody have any knowledge of the whereabouts of Darrick Scruggs from Conquest Real Estate Group formerly Metro Detroit Rental Experts? 

We have been unable to locate him for the past month as he has gone from elusive to non-existent. We would advise anybody who is in business with this person to seriously review what they're doing.  

Hi James,

I'm a REALTOR in Metro Detroit unfortunately I'm not familiar with the name. I take it you have had a bad experience with this individual.

As @Cierra mentioned I never heard of him before. 

Hey James- try his cell [phone number removed]

Good luck,

Mike Dundon

Thank you guys for your assistance. We intend to locate him and bring him to account. We understand Mr Scruggs opens and closes companies regularly. It has come to our attention that he may be involved in a new company called Jetsetters Investment Properties aimed at the higher end of the market and targeting international investors like ourselves. The company is fronted by his former partner in Metro Detroit Rental Experts, Milan Ramsey.

People like this make it so hard for honest people like myself who are really trying to help out of state investors. So sad and unfortunate. 

Hi James. Please let me know how to get in touch. I have been scammed by Darrick Scruggs and Joe Williams too. I have much information gathered by many in the same boat. Join the group.....we are close to putting them where they belong!

Tony : [email protected]

Hi James,

I have several contacts with foreign investors who are pulling together their resources to get Scruggs, some from England, Canada and Australia.  I can put you in touch with them if you'd like.  I believe that my contact in England has already made contact with the Attorney General / Prosecutor's office.  So he's on their radar.  This man is among several others who have made building good relationships with investors interested in Detroit, very difficult.  You may know the saying, "one bad apple ruins the whole bushel". My husband is from London and we are investors here in Michigan.  

If you'd like to continue this discussion please feel free to contact me.

There is a lot of that going on in Detroit,  I own part of a 64 unit building that was appraised at 3.5M.  Some guy thought he bought the building for $15,000.   He was walking around the building telling our workers he was the new owner.  

wow that's crazy.  How can people be so stupid to let this happen

At the start of my rehab in Detroit, Darrick approached us after seeing a construction waste dumpster outside our house. He brought in his team for a walkthrough and gave us a crazy low bid, $120k for what everyone else estimated would be a $150k job at bare minimum. (The actual cost was just under $200k.)

On the flip side, I can heartily recommend Phil Apollonio of Apollonio Companies. He has a true appreciation for historic buildings and decades of contracting experience. For anyone reading this, feel free to PM me for his contact info.

Darrick has been managing a property for me over the past two years, and has disappeared with the Augusts 2014 rent approx 850 dollars minus his 10 percent.

His offices were in Southfield but they are no longer answering the phone, nor answering his mobile. Email are not being returned.

See this link for his company registration which is still showing as active.


I contacted him via a web site Detroit Wealth, and went over to meet him at the Southfield office and built a relationship with him over the following two years. He managed the property for two years until last August when he disappeared. 

There seems to be different companies operating from this address, including Jetsetter Property, and Conquest Real Estate Group..

Conquest are also listed but they have been dissolved now.

See link.


Conquest did the tenant identification and location and as one other suggested was fronted by Milan Ramsey. She was well regarded by my tenants. She has a linkedin profile.

Not sure where to go from here but would to connect with other Detroit investors.

Disclosure: We supplied insurance and support services to their clients

Hi James. We're a real estate investor support company here in Detroit, many of our clients were with MDRE. I've spoken to Darrick 2 or 3 times since he ceased trading, he is very elusive as you say. We insured many of the properties they managed through MDRE and when they closed we've been trying to track down the owners. 
We've known Darrick for about 3 or 4 years in his various forms. We provided Insurance and support services to many of his clients and were surprised when he suddenly disappeared, leaving many of his clients not only without a property manager, but also not knowing what their properties were like of even if they were occupied. We've managed to help a lot but there are many that we can't track down. 

Please contact us either by email [email protected] or via one of the phone numbers listed on our website www.statesideapm.com all the numbers route calls through to our Detroit office.

Disclosure: tenant

I'm trying to locate the owner of a property that Derek was managing some lady comes and says she the new property management yet she can't tell me who she works for keep saying she doesn't have an address or phone number she emails these big investors when I looked up the company the house is registered in it comes up in Texas and doesn't have a phone number I've even wrote a letter with no respond the address to the property is 10985 Peerless st. Detroit, Michigan 48224 

did anything come out of this?

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