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I was just curious to know of any of you have used ReZamp to target in your campaigns and if so how has that been for you?

My experience using Rezamp has been frustrating!  For one, there is a lack of customer service.  I am still waiting on a response from a system issue that I submitted 14 days ago.  

Also, the membership requirements keep changing.  Normally this would be fine, however no one communicated the upcoming changes.  I did not know there was a membership change until I went to try to use the system and was unable to do so.  

Rezamp is a great concept, but for now there is something lacking (I don't know if it is leadership, strategy or resources).

@Jerald Alford  I just found ReZamp yesterday and did a search on BP to see what folks were saying and found your post.  Have you had any success with it over the last month?

Account Closed Do you have any plans to add the Chicago market?  Would love to see that in the future!!

So far, I've found the tutorials on YouTube  very helpful, keep them coming! Would like to see a few more tips and tricks on how to really maximize the tool and maybe a few real world examples of it in action!

Disclosure: Owner of ReZamp

@Phil Strickland  - We are licensed in IL but we are still in process of setting up the brokerage there.  Hopefully we will be up and running early next year.  

Thanks @Justin S.  Looking forward to the updates. I'll keep an eye out for IL.

Account Closed  Can you share what the service costs?  And what are the requirements that are continuously changing?

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