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Just signed up with the company a month or so back and would like some insight from people who are with them now. Have you found it to be as good as they claim? Are you making the cash they claim? How long after you submit a property and it's pending do you hear back from them? I'm a skeptic but I like the program and would like to work with the program more.

Here's a tad bit from there website:

Welcome to Guaranty Investment Deal Finders website, where good folks make great money, in their spare time, on their own schedule, with no strings attached. As a deal finder, you can make up to $5,000 per deal. We provide you with all the Free training you need. Work when you want, where you want, part time or full time.

So what I've been doing is submitting them houses that are in bad damage and in need of repair for like $60,000 and under. But some things that kinda make me antsy is that the houses have been pending for over 3 weeks with the only comment "We need to call the owner", the number to call is a Google Voice number, and they haven't responded to 2 emails I've sent. Also I can't seem to find anyone who's using them and any reviews good or bad about them. I like the idea of being a property locator but I just want to make sure I'm with the right company to do it. Please let me know if you have any experience with the company.

Disclosure: property locator

I just signed up with them. Did you have any luck? 

Nope. Scam company. Once you locate the properties and submit them, they never pay you but I believe use your leads to make deals. So you're doing the free leg work for them. I definitely advise to stay away!!! I wasted months submitting leads and even though they "contacted the seller and could buy" they then say they've got to submit it to Toyin who's the only employee btw. Everything else is outsourced to an Indian call center. Such a scam.

I signed up today (for free) to submit a property I knew was abandoned. I am going to see if GIC people respond or follow up to my submission. This would be the only one I would do and I will wait to see if they respond, as it seems pretty fishy to me I then came across this blog and saw this feedback. I'll post again once some time passes to give my feedback for anyone else who is looking for information on this company.

I came across this company as well... They have an app to submit properties as well.

I found them as I was looking Craigslist for a real estate job to do on the weekends to get more familiar with real estate and start networking. They have an ad up claiming they will give you $5000 for leads that you give them.

Did anyone ever hear back or get paid from them? It seems like a scam to me. There are no contracts, no agreements, no requirement to sign up other than an easy free account you make.

It seems to easy with no contract for you to not get paid if you submit any "deals" to this system.

In the real estate investment game, you've got to be quick, or deals will pass you by.  They were quick to respond with the first submissions, but after a week, nada..

Follow up: I signed up with GIC at the beginning of August 2016 only because it was free. I submitted 2 deals to start. The properties I submitted show in the submit property area/tab that the deals are still pending, and when I try to go on online chat (no one came online), submit a ticket for a question (no response), or try to ask a question via their contact information, I get no response. I have asked for updates on my submittals, and I get no response. I also put in a zip code to get a foreclosure list, and I received nothing. I will be able follow the properties I submitted to see if they ever get sold and who purchased them, so I will follow up on that in the future. Currently the properties I submitted are still in the owners name, but abandoned.  I will no longer submit any deals to GIC, but will continue to follow up for awhile to see if they ever respond. Obviously, I would not recommend this company and this company should just close down.

Same here, no one will answer me at all. Tickets or online chat. I've submitted 2 properties that have been pending for over 2 months. So, scam. We should report them on so others dont waste their time. I wanted to use the money to get started. 

So tired of people like this.

@Rebekah Yearwood , @wendy g, @ sue thiel,  First let me thank you for your submissions. I personally review most of your submissions. They did not meet our criteria for purchase. 

It is unfair to make or pass a judgement on anyone that provides an avenue for you to make a buck.

I have absolutely no interest in taking leads from anyone and not compensating them. In fact, I know how to make my own deals and gicealfinders is my contribution to members of the public that are interested in getting an opportunity to get into the business.

The problem with providing this type of opportunity is that people misconstrue it and make demands that they don't deserve. 

I am not asking anyone for money or their leads. This is a partnership. I spend my time analyzing the deals and if it meets my criteria, I will buy it and compensate the submitter.

Our top locator made over $60,000 in the last 12 months and he has not invested a dime of his money.

Most people will never make money because they are not sincere in their intention. How can anyone complain for getting all the free information we provide.

I cannot force a deal. Our criteria for deal submission is clear. We are looking for vacant and abandoned properties. Most submissions are properties that are pulled from the internet. We can find deals on the net using other means. 

I have done over 450 deals by myself without seeking any deal locators.  So if anyone wants to bad mouth my intentions, I how they will be man enough to thank me for even taking the time to evaluate their submission and giving them an opportunity.

@sue Thiel, I have personally reviewed your submissions, and put comments on your profile of the results of our evaluation. We designed our website to be interactive and even if you did not receive our automatic email responses, it is your job to check your submissions and look at the comments which clearly stated that we have reviewed your submissions and we even sent you the name and address of the owners. What else could we have done for you for FREE?

I hope everyone will be fair in disseminating disparaging information without taking into consideration the damage they may cause.

Our members who follow the rules are making a great living submitting deals and they are getting great responses from us.

I have checked my two submissions on a periodic basis, and it still states the properties are pending. (My experience is the exact same as Wendy G). These properties were submitted in August. There was no response from you that the properties didn't meet the criteria or that you have closed out the submissions as it says they are still pending. There is nothing listed in the rejected property area, so I sit here wondering what is happening with the submittals. I also sat on chat a few times for a long time and no one answered. I put comments on the property submittals and requested updates and there hasn't been any responses either via the site or via an email correspondence.  I am giving my personal experience on two deal submissions that I have made through your company and I feel it necessary to report them for people who are thinking of doing the same. They can try to submit deals, I am not stopping them. But this is my experience so far and I intend to continue to update readers on my experience with your company so they can make an educated decision.  But there has been lack of follow through, updates and communication.

@Sue Thiel , In response to your claim about the two properties you submitted, I would expect more from a professional like you. I think you claim to be a real estate agent.  When you prospect a home seller and she is not ready to sell, what should be your next move? Can you force a prospect to sell you their property? Since you are a real estate agent, why did you not try to do this on your own and look for the owner and engage the owner to let you list the property.

It is disingenuous of you to come on bigger pockets and badmouth our company for your inadequacies as an agent not able to get or close your own deals. 

     Below  is the communication we have with you on your profile as to what you can do regarding your submission. We did what we could. This is a partnership. If we can't locate the owner, how can we buy the property and pay you? "


<br/>-WE ARE GOING TO SKIP TRACE THE OWNER <br/>-TOYIN<br/>2016-08-03 11:55:16<br/><strong>******************</strong><br/>-WE HAVE THEIR CURRENT ADDRESS WE WILL BE FOLLOWING UP <br/>-TOYIN<br/>2016-08-03 12:06:25<br/><strong>******************</strong><br/>-Please let me know if this property is still vacant?? Please drive by and let us know.<br/>-TOYIN<br/>2016-11-15 20:13:42<br/><strong>******************</strong><br/>-Please call Sonia at 951 452-XXXX Please reference this property <br/>-TOYIN<br/>2016-11-15 20:15:54<br/><strong>******************</strong>

As stated in my earlier response on this forum, it is irresponsible people like you who ruin it for others.  We provide a platform for thousands to earn some money and learn the process of what it takes to become a real estate investor, but loud mouths and faceless people like you who have an agenda and have not accomplished much in life can come on public forums and badmouth legitimate companies. 

You have our email address, you have my phone number, and you have not registered a single request or complain on our website, but you have the audacity to come on this respectable forum to make a complaint about a company that has nothing advertised on this forum.

I am a respectable, reputable and professional member of bigger pockets. You can look at my profile and see how many votes I have garnered in the last one or two years I have been a member. 

I hate to use this medium to debate someone like you, but if I don't response forcefully to cyber bullies like you, others like you would think it's okay to come on line and make stupid attempts to destroy reputations when you have no legitimate basis for complaining.

Even if we failed to act on your submissions, what stopped you from working the deal yourself and keeping all the money?  What are you lacking? Isn't that what attracted you to our website?

So why not engage US DIRECTLY instead of crying wolf where there is none?

Your unprofessional response shows that you clearly aren't a person that others may want to do business with.  I did not at any point in time call you names (like you have done) or bad mouth your company. I gave my experience with your company's deal submission portal.  I just gave facts as to the progress of my two deal submissions, which is what most readers look for--they want to know about whether people have had success with deal submissions and the user experience.  As I understand not all deal submissions go through or are successful,  I also needed to report my user experience with your company communications,  and your responses when trying to get questions answered on chat, or sending emails for updates.  I didn't receive any communication from you or your company until I reported my experience on Bigger Pockets.  I even said, as you can read on my statement, that I wasn't stopping anyone from using GIC deal finders.  oh, and PS. I called Sonia, but she never called me back..

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