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I get email from everyday and asking me to sign up for 7 days free after that $39.00 a month. Is it worth it? How is the information gather and is it new or old? Any input will help



I use foreclosure radar (now property radar) If your looking for the foreclosure auction schedules, it's worth the monthly fee for us, but....big have to check out title and the properties and get correct resale before you bid, if your newer there is a lot more risk in purchasing this way and this site doesn't show you mls foreclosure listings.

PropertyRadar (FKA ForeclosureRadar) is my favorite service.  I must disclose that the CEO/Founder Sean O'Toole is a friend of mine. Great for first impression of a property, whether in default or not. Also, great place to create your lead list and drill down criteria.

However, it won't help you if you're looking for data outside the western states. 

I used to subscribe to county records research back when there were few choices. It was pricey and subscription plans were limited, plus the owner had a habit of publicly alienating his subscribers and supporters alike. 

You can also try Blacknight (FKA LPS) or one of the other data compilers. I think the service you refer to is an aggregator of others' data, however you'll need to research for yourself.

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