Any Contacted by a mining company from Croatia? Want to invest 15 million

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I have e-mails and calls from an individual that claims to own a mineral operation in Croatia.

Anyone run into the same thing? Really cannot figure out the scam.

@Michael Tempel  

What kind of mining do they do in Croatia?

My guess would be that you take the bait, and then there's some issue with transferring the money to you, that requires you to pay some bank fee or cost so that the money can come through and that's the last you ever hear of them. Variation of a 419 scam.

I found some info on Linked in.  That is about right.  They basically make you think you are getting a large investment and somehow con you out of 450,000.00.  First off the website is in English and the calls come in from California using a magic jack line (very cheap phone service you can plug into the and not very traceable).   I will admit I was fooled for about 1 e-mail and they did really call etc.   I just research the heck out of anyone that I work with if possible....even if they were legitimate, I don't want to accidently help a terrorist etc. move money around.

Here is the website if curious:

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