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Hello everyone,

I am interested in investing in real estate opportunities in the US and after doing some research I have identified and already contacted a company named "Investor Network LLC" which operates in the area of Atlanta.

They have offered me now some interesting investment objects but before I make a decision I would like to know if anybody here knows this company and also what was the customer experience and if "Investor Networks LLC" delivers on what it promises.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards


This seems to be a Georgia LLC, but from

https://cgov.sos.state.ga.us/Account.aspx/SearchRequest there is no LLC with this name. I view this as a 'red flag' and anytime there is a 'red flag' I say to STOP. Tread carefully and do a full detailed analysis if you move forward....

Not legal advice....

Thanks for the link but I have just typed in "Network Investors" and got an immediate hit 


Yup. Different name than what you put in your post.


If you don't know the name of the company you are dealing with, no one on BP can help.

Good luck. I think you need it.

BTW, the link to the company that you provided is no longer in business, and hasn't been legitimate for more than a decade:

Entity Status     Automated Administrative dissolution/Revocation

Please let me specify:

1. As written in my first post their official company name is "Investor Network" (yes & sorry, in your link I have typed in "Network Investor" since I assumed it does not make a difference - similar like using Google) 

2. How did I come up with this company: During my research phase on real estate investments I have found an article in the "Personal Real Estate Investor" Magazine about the Top 50 Award Winning Players in Real Estate. And this company "Investor Network" was one of the winners (you can also check their website investornetworkstore.com which seems to be reputable) 

So now I am wondering why it is not possible to find this company in the shared link for registered companies? Any explanation/reasoning is appreciated.

Thank you.


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