Has anyone ever made any money by partnering with Charter Financial?

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I wanted to know if anyone has had sucess, or has heard of anyone who has been successful by partnering with Charter Financial to buy discounted notes, lottery winnings, etc?

1. Check with the states AG for any complaints.

2. Look for some Meet Up groups in the area of where they are located and post your question.

3. Do a google advance search with your question and see what you get.

4. Ask them for a copy of their purchase agreement and have it reviewed by attorney to see if the terms are acceptable to you.

5. If you buy notes require they give you the collateral file for review before purchase, if they won't then pass them by. An incomplete collateral file will haunt you later if you try to sell the note.

Originally posted by @Bob E. :

What are the selling?  Performing? Non Performing? 1st lien, 2nd lien?

 The sell info on how to find notes, etc., which you in turn send to them, they tell you how much they'll buy the note for, then you tell the note holder how much you can buy the note for, by offering a bit smaller amount than what charter is going to pay you.

It's says on their website that once the note holder agrees to sell, either the finder can do all the work, or they (Charter Financial) will do the work for no fee to me, to buy the note.

I found out about this company years ago, know they have an A rating, with 1 complaint with the BBB in the last 12 months.

I just want to see if anyone on BP has made money finding notes, annuities, lottery winnings, business notes, mortgage notes, etc., by referring the notes to Charter Financial for a referral fee?

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this is a very old one.. there was a guy in 'Colorado who had a huge internet presence and had the same deal... he got indicted and put out of business maybe someone will recall his name... when he was going big.. you would see 5 to 10 craigs list ads all saying the same thing we buy notes.. then you talk to the individual and they knew nothing about the business and read from a script.. Kind of like newbies and yellow letters but more in-depth. the guy who got taken down was charging money to learn the system.. Maybe if this guy in florida does not charge then that's another matter.. but this kind of thing has been around for years. 

I would say you are better off learning the business first and then see what various buyers will offer for a finders fee.  I know some buyers that will buy at a 14% yield for decent paper so if you can negotiate a better price then that you can make a small profit.


Since Charter operates in my space, seller financed notes, I run into Charter students every now and then.

The crux of their program is to teach you to find notes for them. My impression is their students have a decent beginner level understanding of how to market and ask general questions of potential note sellers. They know enough to find notes and submit a basic package to Charter.

There are programs like Russ Dalby’s American Note Network mentioned above by Jay were proven fraudulent. The new breed of seller financed note buying trainers will teach you enough to find notes for them. They can earn far more from the note transaction then the training. Money you can put in your own pocket if you know where to go with a deal.

I can’t say if the cost for their training is better and more organized than reading free information available to you. If the price low, it could shorten the learning curve. There are plenty of good books about note investing to explain the real estate and financial side of the business. There is not much material out there on marketing specifically for seller financed notes. Some of the Yellow Letter information applies and some doesn’t.

Experience and reading through some of the more technical information on finance, real estate and marketing discussed elsewhere on BP is the only way to move from beginner to a level where you can earn a sustainable income.

Disclosure: Broker

charter is a nice icebreaker into note brokering for newbies. 

There standards for purchasing are higher than most in the industry

Your investment fee is refunded upon your first deal

They teach you 10% of the industry, how to broker for them which is understandable

But they are real and so is the Money

Ralph E., Did you give Charter Financial a chance if so how is it working out for you? I have looked over there information as well, but haven't tried it. I am curious about this company I know it's legit but is it a good starting point if your new in Real Estate notes?

Hi Gina. I never gave Charter Financial a chance. But please read what the other have replied to my question.

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I see this post is about 5 years old and just wondering if anyone has any advice on this. I have a basic understanding of the note business. Actually have a couple notes of my own. Thinking about springing for the training and Charter seems like a good place to work with as I would need someplace to broker them when I come across them. Any input is welcome.



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