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Does anyone have any experience with Efurd Properties out of Duncanville TX (Dallas Fort Worth area) ?

A+ BBB rating, good reviews on yelp (but not very many of them).. The stats they claim on their site are quite good if true:

2-7% vacancy rate (not sure what the range means.. strange stat - i would expect this to be a single number)

Less than 1% of tenants will be evicted


Thanks in advance!


@Dmitri L. , did you end up going with Efurd Properties? I was recently recommended them and would like to interview them.

I have worked with both Cary Efurd and his property manager Stan Dickerman. Both area great men and professionals in real estate. Their vacancy rate is probably accurate because rentals don't last here in DFW unless they're over priced. Cary is very involved in the local property management landscape here in DFW and nationally.
If you're still in the market for a PM I would also like to recommend my PM Firm, Healy Property Management. Charmaine Springett is the Director of Operations and the best PM I've worked with! She communicates effectively and regularly ensure all issues are resolved in a timely manner.

Derrick L. Houston
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