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I am in the process of a refinance with a local mortgage broker. She has me set up with Freedom Mortgage Corporation. After looking at several online reviews, i am not comfortable moving forward with this refinance. 

Has anyone had any dealings with freedom mortgage company? I am very wary of signing anything further.

I don't know about freedom mortgage as a company but if you are not comfortable then don't do it. 

I let my broker know about them, and to get me squared away with a different lender.

You should probably seek for other loan providers and if you find them reliable, then you should switch your mortgage broker.  I prefer visiting Greater Central Texas Federal Credit Union for all loan and mortgage related issues.

@aarontrommater  Its all about the loan officer. the source of funds in the conventional world is some what irrelevant. If your broker is a good broker they will submit your loan application correctly and there should not be an issue. Expect to have your broker come back 3+ times for additional paperwork (this is normal these days). Freedom mortgage is a fine company. Most of the review you find online are a result of poor loan officers or brokers take applications for people who were not going to get approved to begin with. A lot LOs/brokers will throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks! 

@Adam L.   thanks for the feedback. we went with another company, but I do appreciate the feedback on freedom.

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