Re/Max education reimbursement?

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Good afternoon BP people!

Does Re/Max offer ANY eduaction assistance with Pro Schools specifically? I can't get a clear answer.


This is likely going to be a state by state or office by office situation which is why your answer might be elusive. Here in Texas if any items are paid on your behalf it violate the independent contractors agreement. When this happens you become an employee and all sorts of other regulations come into play. Regulations that no broker on the planet is willing to touch. Not sure the is is the same in Oregon but it is likely so. Hope this helps.

(By the way, skip the name brand shops and find a strong independent broker. Your knowledge and success will be rewarded if you do. Good luck!)

@ Matt Good  I think the RE/Max shops are all independently owned kinda like a franchise. Talk with a broker to ask about their office specifically.  

@Jarrod Weaver  undefined What do you think of starting out with a larger broker, and going out with a smaller local broker or independently a few years later? I am thinking of getting my license, and want a strong backing to make sure I don't step in anything while I'm new. 

@Josh James having started in RE sales with RE/MAX I can attest that they (same with all the others) do not provide anything that isn't readily available via a couple of good seminars or on YouTube videos. Since I wasn't receiving any discernible ROI from my association with the brokerage we parted ways after a little over a year.

If your plan is to get what you can out of a big-box shop first, my advice would be to take a look at Keller Williams. They seem to have a good thing going on with their newby agents - part of the reason they have so many of them.

If you would like to see some of decent RE seminar guys look up Brian Buffini or Craig Proctor. I'm sure there are dozens of others but these two have good stuff. WARNING - VERY EXPENSIVE

Thank you Jarrod that makes sense!

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