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Has anyone dealt with these guys... they are listed on the resource page as a HML

I had a few clients that I could not help so I thought I would make a few inquires for them

I went to the webpage.. however there was no real substance there. and when you said you wanted a loan on their sign in page.. It just went to a squeeze page and then auto responders asking you to click to various articles they listed.  Also no listing of any credentials like broker number or NMLS # like you would get with a ligit company like Norris group.. for instance.

curious if anyone has any feeback I hate to think I got suckered into a MLM type lending thingee.

if do hardmoney is not a lender in real life I wonder how they get listed on the resources page of the BP website?

@Wayne Brooks  

  I know all about PME  they are out of Spokane and Idaho.. they will send out a few loans every now and then but they are MLM all the way.. the owners are from Utah were MLM and these kind of marketing things seem to sprout from.  Just like dohardmoney is .

I had another client of mine that wanted me to do a bridge loan for him on a commercial in MS this week and he said the take out was X company I looked them up and yet again based in Utah no credentials and no substance.. I told this guy no dice on that take out.

Plus warned him not to risk EM or send any due diligence money to them.. Like the lenders that make a living on DD money and never funding anything.

Good day to all, just as a response to the question is DHM a legitimate company. Yes they are a legitimate company, I am in the process of doing a deal now with them and they did fund my deal. Heres the deal from my opinion as i see it. I will list the pros first then the cons second. ( here are the pros. If the deal is good enough they will fund you, most investors they say has to leave 20 to 30 percent down. do hard money is less depending on the deal. The software program they have makes it easy to figure out where u need to be with the funding. It pretty much takes the guess workout of it. The people working for them such as the loan coordinator and the processor are very professional and detailed. The coordinater who really helped furnish my deal Brittany was really a huge help getting me funded, i feel she went over and beyond the call of duty to help me go to settlement. 

Here are the cons as i see it. There needs to be more of a way to communicate via telephone, majority of conversation is via email. sometimes if u need a question answered you have to wait a while to get a answer. We live in a get it now society, thats why fast food chains such as mcdonalds burger king will never go out of business. because people only have to wait a few minutes to get what they need. Also i wish they tell you all the paperwork up front of what is entailed. DHM asks for the info in phases. Also my deal wound up costing me way more up front cost than expected. I had to pay 7, 000 more than i expected. dhm said its to protect me and them from unexpected cost which i totally understand but i felt the repairs would not have come to 7.000 .As i said im still in the rehab phase so i will see if there right or if i am right. They have done hundreds of deals so im sure they have more experience at this than me. Being a first time investor has a lot of twist and turns. I will write another review after the rehab is complete to give a overview of the rehab process with dhm. Then i will give a synopsis of the entire transaction from beginning to end. Hope this helps some one who is considering investing with a hard money lender. Thanx Deurward

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Hi Deurward, 

It was great working with you and your brother! We are excited about our new email support system and the customer support is getting better and better.

I can't wait to see how your property turns out! 

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