Evers Home Improvement In Maryland

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Has anyone worked with Chuck and his team.  What are your thoughts and what type of projects have you worked with him on?

Also, if anyone has any recommendations for general contractors in Maryland with large renovation experience, let me know.

Thanks in advance.

@Lee Liberman

I manage a property for a owner who used Chuck Evers and his team in November. It was a full kitchen rehab, bathroom rehab, and some closet creation/design. The work was done exceptionally well. I did not have any issues with talking with Chuck and his price in my opinion seemed on par with the community in Maryland.

I really want to invest in B'more but afraid of bad contractors and people stealing.  I don't know enough about the market to get my feet wet and it's an hour drive from too.  Should I do it?

@Lamont Marable

You think Baltimore has more of a problem (bad contractors etc.) than any other place you can invest? I think you'd have an even chance of getting ripped off wherever you invest if you go in without a plan (and I know because, well, I've messed up in that very way!). I'd suggest you start going to REI groups, like BWI Meetup and Baltimore REIA (Google them), where you can listen to other investors describe their experiences in various neighborhoods. You should get out and drive around in the neighborhoods if possible.

Also, contact @Ned Carey on BP, and find out when he needs help as he drives the neighborhoods during tax lien season. Ned is a one-man encyclopedia about Baltimore, and I can't think of a better way to begin your street-level education than driving around with him.

@Lamont Marable   Nancy makes good points. you might want to check out Steve Calvanaugh's (spelling?)  group. He is down in your part of the world. I suspect it is actually longer than 1 hour to baltimore. I am sure there are good deals closer than that.

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