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Has anyone had a good experience with a So. California hard money lender?  If so, what company?  I'm looking at The Norris Group, Maggio Capital and Cal Pac Capital.

I've worked with the Norris Group. They are good and understand the southern California market well. Good rates. If you are the principal investor, that's a good way to go.

Most offer about the same terms but the Norris Group offers fewer points because they don't deal with brokers, just the investors directly.

Thanks Robert!

Disclosure: I'm a mortgage broker and sometimes utilize the lenders mentioned

@Sean Faxon

Is this for you, or for a client?

The Norris Group has been around and are really solid as stated.  There are a many others, depending on what you/your client is looking for.  I get solicited, but never have used Maggio nor Cal-Pac, as I have other lenders who are more aggressive in the southern CA markets.  

Disclosure: Employee of Cal Pac Capital

Hi Sean,

I work for Cal Pac Capital. PM me to get in touch.



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