123Landlord.com or another system ??

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any feed back on a system ? i have 5 sfh and looking to get up to around 20-25 sfh. buy and hold collecting rent & manage them myself. plaes advise 

sorry please advise

I've seen a presentation by the Mr. Landlord guy.  Seemed very knowledgeable and appeared to have some reasonable systems in place, especially for lower-income tenants and larger muti-family units.

Don't know how much he charges, so I can't comment on the value, but he does seem legitimate and experienced.

thanks , were did you find the video? 

Originally posted by @Thomas Haskell :

thanks , were did you find the video? 

 It was in person at a conference last year...

I tried a good amount of PM software.

I settled for 123Landlord.com. The thing that I found clunky with the rest of them was: You need Work orders and track what gets paid for what property and what tenant, expenses bills and so on. Open work orders, in-progress orders, advances made to contractors. yes this last one is BIG, you always pay 50% down say and the rest on delivery. I couldn't find a system that was handling all this stuff so nice. Plus the price to start with few units is two Starbucks per month :)

What do you like and what else do you dislike? I signed up a few hours ago myself. Thanks

TrueRent.com gets the job done, it's all web based and free. 

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