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Hi All,

My husband and I are currently evaluating several real estate and investment options to see what makes sense (e.g. turnkey, no turnkey, do more reits, etc.).  

Right now most of our investment portfolio is in reits, stocks, index funds. While not always a guarantee and predictable, we love them. We receive pretty good returns on a REITs without having to do much but write a check. Although, understand that there are a lot of benefits with RE, but will do a LOT of due diligence between jumping in. Our goals is to generate as much passive income as possible without having to do as much work ourselves. 

Understand that it's a highly debated topic here on BP. Just curious, if anyone has worked with Marshall Reddick and their experience.

did you get any feedback about Marshall Reddick?  I am going to see them tomorrow in Atlanta.

Hi Folks,

I've had some contact with Marshall Reddick but I haven't made any buys through the network yet. I will let you know if that happens and my experience. Right now, I'm being mentored by one of the Marshall Reddick advisors. Seems like a good deal. Due diligence is definitely on my radar.

Please let me know if anyone else has more to add to this thread. Thanks!

I have been working with them for several months now. The Company itself is good, but you must vet their property managers and agents throughly as they do not operate consistently. You can check yelp for reviews.

they were the baum before the current crop of gurus 

One thing to also note again is you must do your due diligence. Just because it's a network and you have an advisor does not mean you can just be passive. You must actively vet. Marshall Reddick provides great training, advisory services, and a network of partners, but each partner operates differently. Also, you must be careful in the numbers that you are analyzing. They have a great calculator, but always hedge for worse case scenario. My friend bought a property from them in Austin recently and overall would use them again. However, she quickly learned that she is barely breaking even due to higher vacancy and rehab costs than projected. Also, not all the properties on these site are available for purchase. Some of them have already been sold and represent the type of property you can get as an example.

@Patty Tran  Thanks for the review. Glad to hear you are having a good experience. Yes, due diligence is very important. My wife is a good person to play devil's advocate and I appreciate her vigilance with the details. Sorry for my noob-ness, but what does "vet" mean?

@John Hodson, vet means to carefully evaluate.

Originally posted by @Patty Tran :

@John Hodson, vet means to carefully evaluate.

 Thank you! I've seen the word a lot around here. Now that I think of it, I've heard it elsewhere in my life. :)

Disclosure: I work part time for MRREN and receive compensation

John, glad to hear I'm doing a good job mentoring. Your description of your wife is spot on, you are a lucky man.

Originally posted by @Edward Synicky :

John, glad to hear I'm doing a good job mentoring. Your description of your wife is spot on, you are a lucky man.

 Thanks Ed! I appreciate you getting us up to speed on this journey. Yes, I am a lucky man :) Cheers!

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