Has anyone tried birddogbot.com?

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Hello, friends. I just heard about birddogbot.com and am looking for reviews. Has anyone tried it? Good deal? Is there something better out there? Thanks for your help with this.

Thanks, Jeremy. Great post, by the way!

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Hi Ana,

Did you ever get any feedback about birddogbot.com?

I was wondering does it really work.


Ron Neal

Hi All,

BirdDogBot is a program that runs on Windows only.  I use MAC so it took me a while to find my old PC and load it up.  

I purchased the software looking for some help finding better deals for a flipper that I represent.  I help him secure the deal and then re-list it after he re-habs.  

Disappointment with the overall results. The idea is decent. The software sets up searches by zip code, price points, bedrooms, etc. Just like a MLS search for a client. The databases in the research tab include the following: BidSelect.com, FSBO.com, HomePath.com, HomeSteps.com, HUDHomeStore.com, Realtor.com.

I put in 3 zip codes for my client and out of 207 properties analyzed, it found 5 deals.  4 of the 5 deals were not in the zip codes specified in the search.  (2 were not in the same State !)  The one deal that hit the zip code ended up being a mobile home.

The idea of the software uses the $/sqft asking price and compares it to Zillow market value.   

So, for the $100 a month fee, better to pay human help that will search for you, if you do not have the time.

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