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As of April 1st, I would have bought my first investment property!  i purchased a duplex and will be living in one side and renting out the other. My question is, what kind of repair team do I need to make sure I have a list of people to call if things break that I'm unable to fix?  I was thinking the following:

-Plumber (24 hour one)

-General Handyman

I'm sure there's a lot more that I should have on my to call list.  What advince can you all provide about what I need and how best to figure out which ones to go with?

@Adam Moyer  Congrats. I bought my first duplex in December. We do most of the minor rehab ourselves, but the occasional HVAC or gas issue has popped up already.

You need:

HVAC guy
General handyman (fixes the roof, etc.)

Initially, I used the HVAC company who I use on my primary residence, but then I had to get a quote from them on a blower motor for my HVAC air handler. They wanted $650 to put in a $100 part.

So...my best source was basically other landlords. I asked a few and got some local suggestions.

That worked out great. It was cheaper and now I have a resource list that I can go to.


I echo the above. You need more than one hvac person, but start with one. Ditto for plumbers. General handyman is also a must.

Eventually, you will also need a licensed electrician, lawn care/snow removal person, licensed contractor (for pulling permits), masonry person, etc., etc.

But first things first are the big 3.

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