Looking for investors who have used either Angel Oak Prime Bridge or DoHardMoney.com

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I am a new investor.

My investing partner and I are looking to do our first deal with no money down through my LLC. We need a hard money lender that will give us funding for the initial purchase and rehab, so we will need a ARV loan.

It seems as though these 2 lenders fit the bill. But, I am seeking any additional information and/or first hand experience that anyone could share about either Angel Oak Prime Bridge or DoHardMoney. Thanks in advance!


I have a friend who is in the midst of using them and I am in the market for the same type of company.  Since there seems to be no reply to your inquiry yet I will keep you posted. We can obviously stay in touch and use each other's experiences to piggyback to success.

Use the search function.  Numerous posts already exist about dohardmoney.

There appear to be several posts on hard money, but none that directly respond to the question of, "Has anyone used Angel Oak? And can verify their credibility."

I of course could hang missed it but using "do hard money" in the search leads to the over broad results.

@Winston Clinton Thanks for your response! Yes, please let me know how your friend's experience goes. I will send you a colleague request so we can stay in touch in order to "piggyback to success". 

In regards to dohardmoney.com

I have found their service to not be satisfactory. It is well organized but it doesn't work like they say. I have submitted several deals at 650 dollars per inspection BPO and I have yet to close a deal and for really petty reasons. They even said oh it's not a problem with us but with you...we have several other investors in your market who are closing deals with us and they have yet to provide references. Keep your money find a real lender it's an awesome waste of time and effort. Especially when you factor in EMD and other costs out of pocket. 2000.00 for access to the software and 5 - 650.00 inspections later and still no deals done because of crime or crime and crime or crime and crime...either way its crime. 75K spread in one deal - crime 650.00

42k spread in another deal - crime 650.00

83K spread in another - crime 650.00

17500.00 spread in another - crime 650.00

Plus the software 2000.00

I pulled out after the last one so I can't offer any other information. I haven't asked for a refund because there will be none.

Hi. Thanks for posting this. I'm curious to know if anyone ended up using Angel Oak. I spoke to them this morning concerning their long term programs. I have only used Lima One Capital which was a good experience. But Angel Oak's program is very competitive with theirs. Will be following hoping for additional feedback. 

Angel Oak stepped in to help me when I had a complex project that was nearly completed when a contractor walked off the job. I needed more time as my previous loan was about to expire. They approved the loan, agreed to provide more cash than I requested to complete the repairs, and then disappeared. I found out 3 days before the other lender was foreclosing that they had decided not to fund me. This was a shameful way to treat a good borrower. I will do all I can to avoid this lender in the future. 

I have experience on both lenders...

As far as my experience go, I will avoid dohardmoney. I have had 2 buyers who tried to use dohardmoney. At both times, it took more than 60 days before they got back to us informing us that they will not fund the loan.  I agree with @Shedrick Nettles , they will just ask you to spend money on BPOs and unusual inspections, which will take more time than normal, only to decline the loan at the very end. At both times, the properties were really good deals and I was able to sell them immediately to other buyers after the buyers using dohardmoney could not get financing. I  now make sure not to accept anymore offer from buyers using dohardmoney--I would always ask them to use another lender if possible.

As for AngelOak, I've used them twice on my own investments and have not had any issues at all. Both times, they were very helpful, responsive, and closed quickly. As long as you have the credit and reserves required, you shouldn't have any problem with them.

Hi Niki,

DoHardMoney is legit. I have done 2 deals with them. The 2nd deal I only had to put down a total of $5k including my insurance payment. I plan on using them again and again. As long as the numbers work, they will finance it. They are the only company that gave me a chance in this business because it their down payment requirement was much lower than everyone else's PLUS they are the only company that kept to their word. All these other lenders talk the talk but don't walk the walk. If you need any other information or want to partner up with me on your deal first so you can see first hand how they operate, let me know. With this business always throwing negatives at you it was nice to have a company like DHM.com be there to help me get started. The skies are now the limit for me!

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