"The Note Advisors"

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Anyone heard of "The Note Advisors"?  They are saying that they have off market properties to  sell.  Each comes with a Quit Claim deed.  They told me that I would have to purchase a warranty deed if I wanted to.  

Also want me to sign an NDA to see the list.  

Are they a good company to work with?  Anyone have any experience with this company?

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Their website seems to be selling education, the about page has no specific names/faces and the are located in Canada and show

Email Address*

[email protected]

as their contact email, which tells me that they  don't even take the time to complete their website. 

Find a resource that is real and serious. Too many good note brokers available and there are a lot of wannabe's trying to get you to pay them for useless information. 

Always a red flag when a purported property owners:

(a) Needs you sign an NDA for residential property
(b) Sells the property with a Quit Claim Deed

Ironically those two ideas also tend to mean:

(A) They are not the owner of the real property.

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