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@Robert Politzer Funding for Flipping is a brand extension of Seed Capital. Same stories should apply.

Don't know if it's the same company, a scam or legit. Funding for flipping has you run credit through CreditNav as well. Josh Allen and David Wadman are the reps I've been speaking with.

I was looking into this as it seems like cheap money based on what they state. They claim this is a line of credit with a $4500 fee once the account is activated with 0 interest for 12 months. This comes out to 4.5% interest of course. If what is said above is true, and these guys are doing the same, they are misrepresenting terms, rates and services. Not saying they are because I don't know but if they are this is fraud. 

A credit line and credit cards are not the same thing so looking at this with much suspicion at this point. Still want to check it out though...

Elizabeth and group. Thank you so much for the information on the forum. I recently considered using these guys. However, it is clear to me that this is not the ideal vehicle. I currently work with a small team of renovators. I connect them to projects, find and research funding resources, connect them with lic. contractors and in some cases, if they are out of state, even project manage their fix & flips. I was in the process of re-searching by taking on the role of test dummy. Thank you for saving me the headache.  My team pays out 9% and up for privet money. Depending on the risk factor, the interest paid can be higher. If you are interested in investing, I'm here to make a connection. If you are interested in learning about my team and our  operation in the Phoenix AZ metro area, feel free to reach out. If you need funding, I have some solid resources and I'm happy to share them.  Thank you all for being kind and sharing your experiences on this site. Best of luck in your investments and adventures. 

I went for a 3 days seminar in Houston, Texas, to learn more about investing, the company PROSPERITY REAL ESTATE GROUP, with their CEO A.C. RAMOS and some of the big people perhaps manipulated to do a presentation during the seminar. We were told that we will be wealthy if we follow their instructions on how flipping Houses, I told one of their staff, that I do not like when someone considered me as number, as they treated me during the last day of the 3 days seminar.  The CEO together with a female who is in charge of getting more people to sign-in online with Seed Capital Funding, she was not interested in me and my problems, rather in how she can get from me about $9000.00, after I was qualified with Seed Capital Funding, I did join the team of investors with PROSPERITY REAL ESTATE GROUP Investors, but I was not happy, nore of receiving a check from SEED CAPITAL FUNDING for a certain amount approved by them, the worst part was PROSPERITY REAL ESTATE GROUP will deduct from a check they wanted me to be received by mail the $49,995.00 dollars, plus the female who signed with Seed Capital Funding will get $9000.00 dollars, she said if I am approved from $80,000.00 to $100.000.00 dollars, that is the amount they will be collecting from me.  I was passing 3 days in bad shape, without sleeping well, I did not tell my wife that I signed in with PROSPERITY REAL ESTATE GROUP until 3 days after, and at the end I will have the remaining minimum amount to cover for fixing houses from the $80,000.00, that will not be enough for me to pay for fixing houses, which I will be in need of borrow more money from others lenders, all this was a nightmares, how in my situation with no job I will be able to pay the money back to SEED CAPITAL FUNDING and perhaps others lending companies, with my monthly budget of $3000,00 per month, that PROSPERITY GROUP will put me on the stress, so I decided to get out of the PROSPERITY REAL ESTATE GROUP before receiving a phone call from an employee of SEED CAPITAL FUNDING, and that is what I did, I went to the PROSPERITY GROUP with my wife and I canceled in person telling one of their staff female, PUT ME OUT OF THIS, I am not interested in your company, I did it before my life will be jeopardized, thanks to God for the inspiration I received on time, no money I did received from SEED COMPANY FUNDING and no interview I did with any employee of SEED COMPANY FUNDING as PROSPERITY ESTATE GROUP wanted me to have in order to received a check from SEED COMPANY FUNDING.

By experience, I learned that PROSPERITY GROUP conducts business not to help new investors as they claim but for the benefit of A.C. RAMOS CEO of PROSPERITY GROUP, thanks Universe because the day I decided to get out of that group, I opened my Facebook and someone of my contacts put a message that I took it for me, the message that I read said DO NOT JOIN THEM, the message was not written by that person on Facebook for me directly, but thanks to that message I understood that from the invisible world that message which was the first one I read, was for me, and I thankful whoever posted on Facebook because that was a difference of been alive and do something about it and be death by stress.

I have used seed capital and I also haven't had the greatest experience. The house I purchased is not done being renovated and my year of no-interest on my credit cards has expired. Anyone have ideas for me to avoid the high interest?


@Jarred Curry great question. If you have owned the house for a year, you should have increased the value since you bought it. You may be able to get a home equity line of credit. However, you need to look for a program that does a drive by appraisal as it will increase the likelihood of you getting a high appraisal. Another idea is you can apply for business lines of credit. Typically they have lower interest rates and you can do a balance transfer from your personal credit cards.

Thanks, Account Closed ! I appreciate the response and I'll look into those options. I think The business line of credit would be the best option for me.

Now that I read all of this I am glad I never applied for any money from them. But how do I cancel my CreditNAV account? does not appear to be active anymore?

Does anyone know of any legal activities?


I've used these guys, and I cannot in good conscience recommend them.

These guys are VERY good at what they do. They know exactly how to max out credit cards for you. They are very knowledgeable about the credit card options out there, and know exactly what the banks want to hear.

Unfortunately, they are very good at sales as well. They know exactly how to maximize sales, and hide their "consulting" fees away from you. They know exactly what YOU want to hear as well.

I've been able to leverage enough money using their services, and have been able to use the cash to make investments. However, your credit score will take a huge hit because of how overleveraged you are, and you'd probably need to make 15% on your money just to break even. It's not the numbers that worry me about this company though. It's the smoke and mirrors sales tactics, and just their dishonesty in general.

This thread has been VERY helpful and eye opening. I have a good friend currently going through the process. He received about $85,000 in credit card lines and is about to start pulling from them to purchase a property. I've been hesitant to pull the trigger with Seed Capital basically because I don't like the fact that it's all personal credit versus getting and building my business credit, which is ideal if you can get it. The other drawback with all of these similar companies is the fees they charge to get you the credit! I'd be more acceptable to paying the fees if they can guarantee getting that credit on the business side. Then maybe it's worth it because you're not getting hit with a double whammy! The fees are one thing, but then your credit takes another steep dive! It's a tough call for me to make at the moment.

Elizabeth Hammack, Thank you soooo much for your detailed account and knowledge learned. You've helped me more than you know. :-)

Disclosure: Past Customer

@David G. I continued using their services, obviously, and I have to admit I was too hasty before. I did get funding, and I did find the signed agreement. I should have considered the effect that personal credit cards would have had on my credit score, but the effects were not long reaching, after turning over my REI and repaying the cards, my credit score returned very nearly to what it was before in short order.

I understand that they used my higher projected income for the purposes of the cards, it's my understanding now that this is common practice when applying for credit cards in this way. I just wanted to admit that, as a greener investor, my experience was unpleasant, but now I understand more fully what services they offer. 

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Thank you everyone for all of your honest feedback and advice.  It is clear that, for me, these companies are not the way to go to fund my next deal.  My credit is too important to me.

@Johnathan Williams How has your friends experience been with Seed capital? You made it sound as though he had a very positive experience with them in general. I would like to know more.

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