Fraud Alert: BlueSky Lending LC

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@Joshua Dorkin 

Recently got an email from someone who claimed to be affiliated with the company BlueSky Lending LC and that they might be able to finance a certain deal I was putting together.

Had been conversing with the apparent impersonator through an email listed on the biggerpockets profile; however, on 'copying' an email of the 'same person' listed on the company's business website, I got a response from one John claiming not to know the other John and wanting to know what was going on. Apparently, some sort of impersonation. 

I am also not sure if the company BlueSky Lending LC is a legit entity at all.

Has anyone fell victim to this company or a certain 'John Campo' yet? This is a serious federal crime.

Make sure you are dealing with the real John Campo and not the scammer who is impersonating him. If you get emails from [email protected], beware as they are not the real John Campo. The same guy tried to scam me on a commercial mortgage inquiry via

What about Bernie Motta, who contacted my from Blue Sky Lending LC? Does he work for the real company or the imposter? 

Bernie referred me to Steven Sill who works for Big Smiles Lending Company in Pemberton, NJ. Steven offered me a loan at 2% before I even filled out an application and aid they wouldn't need m credit report or score. 

Bluesky is legit, I'm a customer and will be returning when I start buying rental properties. They took care of everything. I've been to the office personally many times.

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