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Is anyone familiar with this company/product? It looks like a start up out of Denver that has MLS/REI info for certain areas.

I didn't know that Privy was outside of Denver, I knew that they talked about it a couple years ago. Privy hit it hard here locally, the software was ok.

The interface and theory was pretty cool, the challenge I saw was in a market with very limited inventory like Denver, it wasn't going to change your world in finding deals. I think it could have been a better tool in a market with much more inventory or near a normal 6 mo inventory level. But what is normal anymore!

We used it and got a good number of deals from it.  Then it became saturated, and the market got even tighter.  You will be fighting the same 200 other privy users here in town for the same deals (gold/silver) all the time.  They are expanding into other markets, though not very fast at all.

Check out ReZamp as well, its run by a fellow BP member Justin Schnettler.

Thanks Anson. I will reach out to Justin.

Dont get me wrong, Privy has a huge benefit if there are a hard cap on users.  But if 200 investors are willing to pay $99 a month for it, you can bet they are using it and are your competition.  If your area is new to Privy and there are only a handful of users, jump on that and ride it until they expand and saturate the software with users.

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We also found we saturated the market and decided to scale back and focus on Arizona and Las Vegas. We are trying a private model now to where we only give access to 15-20 investors in Phoenix. People can still sign up for free to view Tucson and Vegas, but Vegas is going through some updates now. Our software is focused on making a investor type MLS and being transparent with comps. I can't speak for the Privy Software platform, but it looks professionally done and looks user friendly.

I am working with Rezamp and so far I am very pleased. Haven't seen Privy

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I just want to share a more recent experience with this software to contrast with the reviews here from over a year ago. I have actually found it immensely useful for pulling comps. The speed with which it works and the layout of the photos and everything else is awesome. I haven't used it too much for finding deals since I am focusing off market for now but one of the deals it flagged as gold was actually one my partner had brought to my attention just a couple weeks prior to that, so its algorithms seem solid! In fact, this just happened again today. There's no question that it adds a lot of value in terms of speeding up your comp pulling and learning what sells in a given area and what doesn't, as well as QUICKLY finding you the deals that make sense to look into. The only thing I didn't like was that you couldn't pull comps by zip code, you always have to enter a property address, so sometimes I had to go pull a random address from google maps in order for it to show me comps in the area I wanted. However I think they are going to remedy this shortly.

@Mike Goikhberg Would like to hear your updated feedback. Did Privy ever update so that you can search comps based on zip codes as opposed to needing one particular address?

yep they updated a couple months ago.  it really increased its versatility

Disclosure: I am one of the owners of Privy

@Mike Goikhberg thanks for clearing that zip code question up. There were many new updates and features released at the same time. Let me know if I can help with anything.

Disclosure: Co-owner

@Ricardo Navarro No, sorry not at the moment. But we are considering adding multi-family at some point down the road. We have a new release of the product coming out in the next 30 days, but we won't have multi-family in that particular release. Are you interested in single family as well?

@Benson Juarez not at this time though i know it will be apart of my strategy down the line. thanks for getting back to me thoug

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