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At the end of the day, I wish you guys success in your venture and my hat is off to you for going your own way. No hard feelings, just trying to help those asking questions. Thanks for the conversation. 

 Absolutely Josiah.  I feel the same way and appreciate your points and your willingness to engage.  Best of luck to you as well.

"My PITI is $931, PM is $150. My raw monthly cash flow is 420 a month right where you said.  If there are no problems with this 2 year lease then I will have $10,080 for future vacancy and repairs on top of that I already put aside 5k in its own account as a back up.  At that point im still bringing in 420 a month and should be looking ok to stay in the positive for future years."

Hi, Bill. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. I am a little confused by "raw monthly cash flow" of 420? How is different from the real cash flow of $195 you mentioned earlier? I am also looking into turnkey investment properties and I am interested in knowing the numbers (i.e. cash-on-cash and cap rate).


I am looking at working with Chris Clothier at Memphus Invest myself. 

As far as the cost goes, I know that there are two aspects I have to look at:

1. The cost of working with them

2. The cost of doing it myself

Since I don't know as much as they do, I plan on using their intellectual capital as leverage. At least, that how I look at it. Good luck on your endeavors.

@Jason Lam all good man. My tenant just signed a 3rd - 2 year lease a month ago. I recently had the ac serviced but other than that there one only one small repairs. I now have 10k built up in reserves from the income to use any future repairs.

Hi Bill, how great that you have continued to update this thread on your progress!  So you still have that turnkey and it sounds like you have been happy with your experience with it and with Memphis Invest - correct?  

Did you end up buying another property in the same area that is not a turnkey?  If so how did that go?

Have you bought any other turnkey properties since your first one?  If so did you use the same company?


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