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Hi I'm ken , I created this account on bigger pockets to learn from veterans of the trade and to accumulate knowledge and the ins and outs of successfuly investing in real estate because they say the accumulation of knowledge leads to the accumulation of wealth.

I'm fairly young (18) but have the drive to learn all there is to become successful in my future career . To help you more i would like to discuss my goals so you can help me more. I grew up in North - East las vegas which is probably the roughest neiborhood to grow up in. My parents are immigrants that had moved here from Thailand. I didn't have alot as a kid so I grew up always being used to working and hustling for what I needed. I just finished and graduated high school and always had an interest in buissness. What I liked even more then buissness and money was real estate ( cause really who doesn't like big beautiful houses ) . I was supposed to go to college but didn't get approved for financial aid (surprisingly cause i live in a single family house with 9 bodies ) and me and my parents didn't have enough to send me to college. I am currently registering in a community college and transferring to unlv to get my Masters in business. My goal is to become a stockbroker and invest in foreclosed houses here in vegas and flip them for profit and soon after open up my own real estate firm 

But what I need right now is guidance from anybody just some advice

•I just wanna know are my current plans good. Or am I leaving out critical steps to success?

•can I be both a stockbroker and real estate broker?

•what field of study should I take in college to become a broker or realtor?

•and any other advice or investments I can make while I'm in college to build a foundation for a wealthy future? 

Please your advice will be much appreciated

And your time has been much appreciated for taking the time to read this

Thanks - kenni

My advise to you would be to make sure you have a good steady job until you are ready to sustain yourself from Real Estate only. Then commit to a minimum of two hours everyday for actions that will move you forward in your career. First hour you can do learning. It can all be on Bigger Pockets or other sites but just learn as much as you can (listen to all BP podcasts while driving!!!) . Second hour take action. Whatever action is required. Call sellers and buyers and talk to them. Look at properties. Whatever is required. If you really commit to those two hours everyday, it won't be long before we read ere about your success stories here on BP. See if anyone is looking for an apprentice on Craigslist but do this with great caution because you never know how legitimate the "investor" is. Ask him/her to send you addresses of recent homes they have bought / sold recently and do some research to make sure they are legitimate. Oh and forget about stocks :) Just my opinion. Good luck to you  

Thanks guy raveh , I do have a a job I'm currently working full time , but would like to invest my paychecks . To begin building me some wealth. 

Any advice ??

Hey @Nat Seangsumat ! It's great that you've already begun thinking about real estate at your age. I would recommend speaking to a local real estate agent in your area to ask a few questions about the types of homes in your area that you are interested in (flips, foreclosures, rentals, etc.) Continue with college and learn all you can in and out of college (like you are here on BP) but at least if you know what the market is in your area, you know better what you're saving for. If you can swing it, think about a less expensive rental on/near campus where you could live and charge rent to roommates. Good luck!

Chad thanks , that's a great idea! And just in time too cause i have to move out of my parents house for personal reasons and I'm getting an apartment , would it be wise for me and my current roommate (cousin) to get a 3 bed apartment and use the 3rd bedroom as an asset and charge people to rent the 3rd room?

If you manage it financially, it's always nice to have someone else pay for your equity. Good luck @Nat Seangsumat !

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