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Is anyone familiar with ''?  The agent we are working with sends us properties that meet our criteria every morning through this site.  Seems to have tons of info on the area in which the property is for sale....including demographics, rental rates, etc.  Anyone have any experience in how accurate listingbook's info is?  Thanks!

I have not dealt with Listingbook first hand, but have heard others use it before. You will want to check on this but I thought it wasn't available for the entire country and is only available for certain markets right now....I could be wrong. I haven't heard how accurate it is but obviously the most accurate stuff would be comps from the MLS. Everything else is more like a guess...sometimes an educated guess

Hello! I'm a Realtor in Sarasota/Tampa FL area with Century 21 Beggins. Listingbook is a tool I used for a long time. However, there are so many better alternatives. ListingBook often didn't have all the properties from the MLS and took too long to update. Also, the search criteria you could send consumers was very limited. I prefer to use Matrix or my companies own search engine. Just my 2 cents =). Its not a horrible product though. There are just better things out there that make it way easier.

I used to use it many years ago when doing realty for clients. It's a great tool that creates easy to read CMAs. It's an MLS offshoot, so every comp is MLS, but it often takes a few days for updating. That's the biggest knock against it.

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