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I recently found a property that I wanted to purchase in Milwaukee from RentalVest. Seemed like a good income producing property that was well-maintained. The numbers made sense, therefore I contacted RentalVest to find out if it was still available so I could throw them my offer.

Well, after two weeks and 5 calls to their sales department, 2 voicemails, 4 emails (3 of which were unanswered) I have concluded this company is a joke. It is safe to conclude that they are not serious about anything if they cannot get their sales department in order. I saw a thread back in April regarding this company where a member asked the community for feedback on this company. Well this is mine; don't waste your time.

@Arturo v

thanks for this information, good to know as I am investing in the Milwaukee area. 

Thanks for the feed back @Arturo V. but it will be tough for members to take your post  serious since you do not have a track record on BP other then this 1 post.  I recommend you introduce yourself and be more active on the site.  A post like the one you just made may lead people to think you are rental vest's  competition rather then an everyday investor trying to offer assistance to the community. 

You definitely want to stay away from companies like that.  There are plenty of good providers out there you just need to talk to as many as you can and see their operation first hand.  I know because ive already done this and I know its very difficult to find a good trusted provider.   

@Shawn M.

 Good reminder not to jump to conclusions. It could be a misunderstanding

This is an old thread but I have also been interested in purchasing a TK from this company and would like to see if anyone has had experience with them (good or bad)?

old thread, same question on the company credentials. Anyone?

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